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Bhutan One Group of Companies

Bhutan One has come a long way in providing world class services and has invested in diverse manufacturing and services industries in Bhutan. From Petroleum products to Hospitality, Manufacturing to Tourism, Bhutan One provides quality products and services to it's clients. Bhutan One focuses on providing employment to local talent work force through it's diverse undertakings. We are growing year by year in our operations and business growth. Listed below are our undertakings and companies

Bhutan One - Bhutan Pharmaceuticals


Bhutan Pharmaceuticals


White Tara Tours & Treks


Hotels & Resorts


Bhutan Pure Natural Water


Damchen Petroleum

Green Products

Bhutan Green Aggregate
Bhutan One team
We are a team of management and technical professionals working continuously to make Bhutan One of the premier company in Bhutan offering quality products and services. Armed with expertise in their respective fields, Bhutan One team is dynamic, professional and up for the job towards achieving the objectives and goals charted out for Bhutan One

Wangdi Jamyang


Deven Kumar Adhikari

HoD, Finance & Internal Audit

Bhutan One is a great place to work and grow. My 18 years in Bhutan One has been simply great.

Jamyang Choki

HoD Hospitality

I would like to thank Bhutan One for giving me the opportunity to grow professionally in these 4 years.

Meena Das

HoD, Tourism

I have grown professionally and personally in my 16 years with Bhutan One. Great organisation to work in

Bhawana Humagai

Company Secretary

My 3 years in Bhutan One has been a roller coaster ride. Great management and strong work ethics has enabled me to be better in my daily work.

Saurav Kumar Singh

HoD, Damchen Petroleum

Working with Bhutan One in Bhutan for the past 3 years has been great experience for me. Thanks to great management we have at Bhutan One

Shyam Lal Limbu

Sales & Marketing

Having worked with Bhutan One for over 6 years, it has been great to work in Bhutan One. I learned a lot and look forward to a long career in Bhutan One

Products & Services

We offer products and services ensuring quality and the service to the people and country of Bhutan being our core organisational objectives and values.

Petroleum Products

Bhutan One brings to the general public high quality petroleum products ranging from diesel, petrol, kerosene and lubricants.

Hospitality Services

Bhutan One's chain of Hotels & Resorts are aimed at providing comfort, luxury and peaceful stay to our guests while in Bhutan

Natural Products

Natural bottled water plant is another initiative of Bhutan One to provide safe drinking water using state-of-the-art bottling system with reverse Osmosis process - 1st in Bhutan that further purifies and maitains the natural minerals and taste

Pharmaceuticals Proucts

State-of-the-Art Pharmaceuticals unit of Bhutan One to produce high quality drugs and make it more accessible to the general public

Let’s Talk Business.

We welcome your queries and we are open to business Opportunities & Ventures you seek in Bhutan through the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI Policy) that aims at providing sustainable income generation and employment to Bhutanese citizen alongside the profit generation for your company.
Connect with us and our relationship manager with attend to your queries at the earliest.
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Phone: +975 2 333224 / Fax: +975 2 326942
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm
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